Friday, 12 July 2013

39th Weeks of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is giving a life, every woman dreams about. It is almost important to take proper care of health during this period of one’s life. A healthy woman gives birth to a happy child. During pregnancy, it is very much important to maintain a record of week by week changes being occurred inside the body of the mother as well as in the baby. Though the changes are not very prominent in first few weeks, but 39th week is the time you can expect the arrival of baby, since this is sufficient enough for the complete development of baby inside the mother’s womb. Labour pain can be expected during this week as the baby is ready to be out landing in a new world. It is necessary to be accompanied by some elder person in home such as mother or mother in law, so that household tasks do not bother  the to-be mother. Here is some helpful information during 39th weeks of pregnant woman.

39 weeks pregnant, what to expect?

Changes in mother:
  • Nausea, back ache, mild swelling, heartburns, insomnia and difficulty in breathing are prominent during 39th week pregnancy. Do not hesitate to consult your doctor if any one of the symptoms becomes unbearable. Consulting a doctor for a minute issue is advisable.
  • Now since the baby is fully developed, the baby is dropped into birth canal and cervix starts dilating. The inner walls of vegina become thick and smoother to help the baby come out.
  • Thick pale fluid starts discharging from mother’s body. This phenomenon  is the due to the shedding of the outer skin of the baby, since new skin start covering up the body of the infant in 39th week of pregnancy.
  • Pre- milk also starts leaking from the breasts and breast pads should be used to deal with this situation. The mother might suffer little pain in the breasts but it is worth for the child.
  • Mother gets tired quickly and finds it difficult to do day to day tasks such as changing clothes and lying on bed, do not worry, if the situation worsens please take advise from doctor. Read More...

Baby Development - 39th Weeks of Pregnancy

At this stage the baby is completely developed in mother womb, with lungs gaining volume and becoming strong enough to survive outside the womb. Also heart and brain are completely developed with heart beats with normal rate.

Normal baby weighs 7 to 8 pounds and around 20 inches in length.

Baby starts shedding old skin tissues and starts developing new skin cells. And also the fat begin to accumulate in baby’s body.

Baby takes the proper position in the cervix of mother’s womb. The mother is advised to go for regular sonography is advised so that any complication can be known at the early stage.

Useful tips to avoid complications

1.) Pay regular visits to your doctor who is treating you since your first week of pregnancy. He knows your file and quickly examines risks involved during 39th week of pregnancy.

2.) In 39th week of pregnancy auto travel should be avoided because at any moment labour can start. It is important to stay at home and when it becomes mandatory to  travel make sure either your husband or any elder person accompanies the mother.

3.) Spend some time with husband discussing about the requirements of the newborn baby and make sure to have all necessary accessories for the newborn baby. Read More...