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Diet Plan for Pregnant women

Diet Plan for Pregnant women
Pregnancy is a time when a woman gets in touch with her true feminine side. During these 9 months, the soon-to-be mother develops a unique bond with her child and begins to care for the baby even before she is born. It is important that pregnant women take a balanced diet to ensure all the necessary nutrients reach the mother’s body as well as provide nourishment to the developing fetus.

A pregnancy diet chart is the best way to estimate the daily nutritional requirements and stick to them. During early pregnancy a woman may feel exhausted and show lack of appetite but to keep one energized, following a pregnancy diet plan is essential. In the forthcoming section, we will cover some details about a diet chart for pregnant women.

A diet plan for pregnant women must be cleverly thought of and implemented. All the meals from the breakfast to the dinner must contain all the essential nutrients and not contain unnecessary fats which may lead to putting up of additional pounds by the pregnant woman. A healthy diet menu can be of the following type:

1.) A refreshing breakfast:
the most common woe of pregnant women is morning sickness and nausea. To avoid these, it is important that the pregnancy food chart lists out a nutritious yet light morning beverage like herbal tea, fruit juice like apple or tomato, toned milk or a whole hearted nutrition of a dry fruit milk shake. Beginning the day with a refreshing drink clears out the toxins and leaves you toned for the coming day. Next item in the pregnancy food chart is the breakfast, which is considered the most important meal of the day even during pregnancy. Therefore, it must be loaded with nutrients. Some beneficial suggestions for breakfast include- whole wheat bread, idlis, dhoklas, ravas dosas, vegetable omelette and the goodness of dry fruits like cashew nuts. Other nutritious options include fruits like dates, apples, apricots, oranges and porridge, oats, upma or spinach parathas served with yoghurt.

2.) The brunch:
the mid-morning meal or brunch is the time when pregnant women would like to munch on something, so this snack must not be too heavy or fatty. Soups are the best option for this meal according to diet for pregnant woman. One can draw up a schedule with different soups for each day of the week to receive all vitamins and minerals without feeling monotonous. Some options are Minestrone soup, tomato soup, mixed vegetable soup and creamy spinach soup.

3.) The nourishing lunch: Pregnancy is also the time when women have food aversions and sudden cravings. Hence, the diet plan during pregnancy varies from woman to woman with the basic aim of fulfilling all dietary requirements. When it comes to lunch, one must remember not indulging in a heavy meal that makes the woman feel lethargic or drowsy. Insist on rotis with a bowl of pulses and green leafy vegetables to provide fibres, carbohydrates, micro and macro nutrients and vitamins. Sprouted salad, curd, raita, vegetables like carrots, peas, cauliflower and an appropriate serving of rice must be included in Indian diet for pregnant women.

4.) Evening snacks:
cut down on caffeine containing products like coffee, tea and aerated drinks and switch to milk and green tea which will have a soothing and toning effect on the pregnant body. Instead of munching on chips and cookies during evening, switch to fruits like apples, dates, nuts and have a small vegetable sandwich, fruit smoothie or delicious gourd or carrot halwa as per diet chart during pregnancy.

5.) Dinner:
the last meal of the day must always be light. Good dinner dishes include Dal, vegetable Biryani, khichdi, palak paneer and various salads along with curd or buttermilk.

The diet chart for pregnancy month wise must be drawn out as the requirement of the body change with the growing baby. Pregnancy diet for Indian women is crucial as there are majority of malnourishment cases reported due to poor nutrition of the mother during pregnancy.

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  1. It is true that a pregnant woman's appetite for food and the need to increase food a little bit about portability regular mirror, except that the amount of calories that you need are the same carrier that you need non-pregnant women, an increase of 250 calories per day.

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