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Questions Asked To Parents In Interview

Your little bundle of joy has grown out his baby clothes so fast! The toddler is now more than 2 years old and keeps you on your toes all day long. Not only do you keep worrying about his diet and health now is the time to also choose the right preschool. When the child is about 2 to 2.5 years old, parents start searching for a reputed preschool. The admission procedure may vary slightly from institution to institution, but school interview for parents happens in each preschool. Along with the child, the parents are interviewed in school to know about their background and how they take care of the child. Many parents get cold feet before the interview so it is important to be prepared with frequently asked school interview questions and answers for parents. School interview questions for parents are not many and serve only the purpose of ascertaining the bond between the child and parents and how have they prepared the child or school.

Parents interview questions and answers for admission in school have been discussed here to help the nervous parents of a toddler. School admission interview questions and answers for parents have been focused upon:

Know the preschool : whenever the parents apply at a preschool, it is expected that they have a fair share of knowledge about the school’s philosophy, vision, principles and a little bit about the history of the school as well. The interviewer must be confident that the views of the parents align with those of the school to ensure proper development of the child at home as well as in the institution. Thus questions asked to parents in school interview will be aimed at ascertain whether the parents know about the preschool’s curriculum and requirements.

Basic details : though the application forms requires all the details about the parents and the child to be entered in detail, parents interview questions  will also focus on basic details of parents educational, work and home background  including degrees, qualifications, jobs and income of parents.

Questions about the child : a great portion of the interview will be dedicated to your child. Nursery interview questions for parents include asking about the child’s nap time and food habits. It is required to know whether the child is a fussy eater, is allergic to certain foods, and when does he sleep so that he/she may adjust with the preschool schedule. Answers to such parent interview questions are known by the parents and hence there is no need to worry.

Medical details : parents interview questions and answers will include discussions about the child’s health and if he has any such medical condition that will require special care. Also, parents interview questions will include the immunization records and if the child is allergic to a specific item. Behavioral problems like bed wetting, thumb sucking are also inquired for and parents must be truthful.

Parents’ jobs : details about the jobs like office location, distance from the preschool and if one or both the jobs are transferable are asked in interview of parents for admission in nursery to decide what the best curriculum is for the child. If the jobs are demanding and offices are located far off, some other preschool may be suggested.

Questions about the child’s knowledge : Parent’s interview questions for school admission will include ascertaining how much the child knows, like the basic colors, shapes, animals, fruits and objects around him. The interviewer will be interested in knowing the means used by the parents to educate the child, like educational books and toys.

Interview questions for parents for nursery admission are not meant to scare the parents away. Teaching your child about the preliminary things like numbers, colors and alphabets will show that your child is confident and improve chances of being selected. Talk about the positive aspects of school and why you want to enroll your child in the institution to leave a lasting impact upon the interviewer.

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