Monday, 8 April 2013

Medical Checkup information for Women

What after the first prenatal visit? After this, heath checkup during pregnancy must be scheduled once every month till the 7th month and in the last two months the doctor must be paid visit twice each month. Women with high risk pregnancies visit their doctor even more frequently to track their pregnancy.

What to expect during the Follow-up visits: regular medical checkup for pregnant women include monitoring the baby’s development and heart rate, apart from blood pressure monitoring and urine testing, weight measurement, check for swelling, and examination of abdomen to know the position of baby. Prenatal tests may also be recommended and done during the pregnant checkup to check for any possible birth defects or abnormal development of the baby.

The prenatal tests recommended during checkup during pregnancy include ultrasound, amniocentesis, and biophysical profile, also known as BPP, multiple marker test, chorionic villus sampling (CVS) and glucose challenge screening, which are done during different stages of the pregnancy. An ultrasound test is normally performed during the first trimester to monitor the body systems and organs of the body. The glucose challenge screening is done around 27th week to test for risk of gestational diabetes to the mother. At this time, a non-stress test may also be performed as a part of medical checkup pregnancy to look out for fetal distress.

It is important to visit your doctor regularly during pregnancy and after giving birth to the baby as well. Studies have shown that women who visit their heath care provider regularly give birth to healthier babies. Read More...

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