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Precautions during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful time of a woman’s life. However, there are major changes taking place inside her body and she must follow several pregnancy precautions to keep the baby safe and healthy. The first trimester is the most crucial in this regard when the cases of miscarriage are the highest. Therefore, one must follow all the advices given by the doctor and follow all precautions in pregnancy. There are a lot of things that a pregnant woman must keep in mind. A list of the important precautions during pregnancy is covered here:

  • During the first trimester, the woman’s body has just begun to adapt to the changes going on inside her body. The frequent urination and vomiting may leave the woman dehydrated, which is the chief cause of early miscarriages. Hence one of the most important precautions during early stages of pregnancy is to avoid chances of dehydration by having plenty of water, juices, milk, coconut water and water containing fruits and vegetables like cucumber.
  • Quitting smoking, drinking alcohol and drugs is the crucial precaution during pregnancy. Nipping such habits as early as possible will ensure complications like preeclampsia, birth defects, miscarriage, and stillbirth do not occur in future. It is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle during and after pregnancy as well.
  • Taking prenatal vitamins regularly is one of important precautions during pregnancy. 400 mcg or more of Folic acid must be consumed each day to ensure health and proper development of baby.
  • The diet is also to be carefully controlled one of the during pregnancy precautions.  One has to cut down on the amount of caffeine intake to not more than 150 mg per day.
  • Staying away from certain foods is of paramount importance for the safety of the baby. Certain fishes like King Mackerel, swordfish and shark contain alarmingly high amount of mercury harming the brain of the baby. Likewise, raw eggs must not be consumed as they may contain the salmonella virus. As a precaution during pregnancy in India and elsewhere, avoid foods containing raw eggs, unpasteurized cheeses like brie, chevre and blue cheeses like gorgonzola as they contain a virus named listeria which harms the baby.
  • The pregnant lady must stay away from certain animals. One of the activities pregnant women should avoid in India and abroad is to stay away from raw meat and wash fruits and vegetables before consuming them to avoid chances of contracting toxoplasmosis. Avoid changing cat litter too, as if infected by toxoplasmosis during early pregnancy it may induce a miscarriage.
  • Precautions for pregnant women also include staying away from strenuous physical activities or rigorous exercises. While it is important to stay fit and healthy, the exercise regime must be followed in presence of a specialized trainer and activities like lifting heavy bags or moving furniture around should not be allowed. It is also important to remain well hydrated while exercising.
  • Precautions during pregnancy in India is to avoid Jacuzzis, spa or any kind of ayurvedic treatment that increases the body’s temperature. Similarly, take advice before practicing any Yoga postures.
  • Certain medications and herbs have been proved to induce preterm labor or miscarriage. Precautions during early pregnancy in India includes staying away from strong pesticides and herbs like passion flower and black cohosh. Staying away from strong smells and paint is also recommended.

There are numerous precautions while pregnant in all countries around the world. However, pregnancy is also a time to enjoy and soak in the bliss of motherhood. Keep certain things in mind and do not let these advices work you up or dampen your spirit these nine joyous months of pregnancy.

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