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Working Women a boon or a curse?

Working Women a boon or a curse
Today the world is very different than the one which is known to our ancestors. There was time when men work and women look into the household jobs.  But today as the market and industrial sector are growing, on the same pace its side effects, inflation and rising prices, are also growing. So to sustain the living one should be not just earning but earning more for a better living. This scenario created a situation where not just men work to feed the raising requirements and prices but also woman gives a helping hand to the men in the house. Hence it has become so much important to learn and earn in life and to become independent in today world. If one have to live a better living. It is like chain reaction, the more inflation in prices, the more it creates a necessity to earn a livelihood by doing some kind of job so that the future should be secured. But our world is not as easy as it seems to be. There are lots of challenges faced by working women as compared to working men.

Today, though the discrimination between man and woman has become trivial, but actually when it comes to the roles of working women, it gets difficult and challenging to debate on the same. Different people have different perceptions about what should be the priorities in the life of a working woman. Woman at work face various problems along with the good salary they are being paid.

To earn is today’s need hence the dilemmas of working women can’t be underestimated. There are lots of factors taken into consideration when a woman chooses to work.  The women who choose to work, in spite all the conditions and factors which forces her back, are laudable. They are paragon to our society.

Advantages of working women:

  • Working women are self dependent and can earn her and her children living without any dependency. They add to the income of the family and thus the life becomes easier. The bill’s also get paid easier.
  • They can help there better halves’ in supporting family finances and lessen the burden from the only people earning in the family.
  • They are the inspirations for the women, who cannot work because of society’s constraints. The orthodox people who think women should not work and just are subjected to the house work can convince them by providing knowledge about the pros of working women.
  • Working women becomes more responsible since they perfectly balance personal and professional lives and also they are respected in the society.
  • Working women’s personality enhances and they become confident when supporting the family and simultaneously helping children in home work, preparing food etc.
  • The creativity, professionalism and personality development in the woman can be improved and she comes out to be one is many.

Disadvantages of Working Women:

  • Sometimes working women didn’t get time to spend with family members. A child need’s to have at most company of the mother, which a working woman can’t give and at times becomes difficult.
  • Pressure of work and meeting deadlines can cause downfall in her health. Also there can be cases when she has to put some family commitment on hold due to work load and this can set a wave of anger and tiresome which sours her as well as family members mood.

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