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Diet Chart of a 3 Year Old Indian baby

As you child grows, so does her dietary requirements. The diet for 3 year old babies should include a range of food items to provide the child with the balanced amount of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fats. Giving the baby the right kind of nutrition can be challenging, but developing a diet chart for 3 years baby will help you greatly. The child may show tantrums when served with foods other than he has already eaten, but with time he will develop taste to several food items. The sample diet for 3 year

old Indian child is shown here to guide the parents :

When the child gets up, give her a cup of milk with 2 or more almonds, soaked overnight and peeled. The kids’ diet chart must include a variety of nuts like cashews, almonds, dates, figs and dairy products to give the daily dose of calcium.
Breakfast is an important meal and must be full of goodness. The English menu plan for three year old baby suggests a whole wheat buttered toasts, omelets or brown bread grilled sandwiches for breakfast.

Brunch is the time when the child demands for snacks. The trick is to give the baby something that is filling but not zero on nutrients. Ideal options for diet for 3 year old baby are a bowl of fruits, fruit juices and soups which can different for each day of the week.

The diet plan for 3 year old baby must be highly nutritional and lunch must be given its due importance. For lunch, dal, paneer and seasonal vegetables like ladyfinger, cabbage, carrots and peas must be served with chapatti. A small portion of salad is also beneficial.

In the evening, children usually demand for something tasty for snacks. Mothers must not be tempted to serve their 3 year olds with junk food. If you are including items like burgers, noodles, pizzas and sandwiches in 3 year old baby diet, ensure a lot of vegetables like beans, carrots, tomatoes, capsicum and peas are used in the same along with cheese and dips to make them interesting. Fruit smoothies are another great option for a food chart for 3 year old.

Dinner is the last meal of the day and must be high on nutrients but light on the little one’s tummy. Serve a bowl of baked seasonal vegetables with parathas or moong dal and a cup of curd. Desserts will please your child, serve delicious carrot halwa or rice kheer which is yummy yet nutritious.

Some tips:
  • The 3 year olds have small stomachs and get full on smaller meals. So serve them a number of meals through the day and plan the 3 years baby diet chart to include food from all nutrition groups.
  • Helping the child with easy tasks in the kitchen like stirring cake batter or arranging the vegetables will help develop the kids’ interest in different foods and help you to include many items in 3 year old baby food chart.
  • The meals and snacks must be regular with something different planned out for each day, so that the child does not become a picky eater.
  • The diet chart for 3 year old must focus on a variety of grains. Making the kid used to whole wheat bread and multigrain rotis will help in the same.
  • Diet chart for kids in India can be made even better by developing in the 3 year old the cues of how much or how little food will satisfy him. Encouraging the child to serve on his plate himself will develop such good eating habits.

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