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Two year old baby diet chart

Babies feed on breast milk or formula food for quite some moths, as they get older; the parents switch to strained foods and baby cereal. If one has a 2 year old baby, it is time to introduce her to a greater variety of healthy foods to aid in her proper development. The food for 2 year old  must be rich in nutrients and must also not be sudden, which can be done by gradually switching from baby formula and breast milk to real food until the baby gets used to the taste. Babies this age are proactive and the mother may find herself always running after the child, but it is imperative to create a diet chart for a 2 year old baby ensuring a balanced diet reaches the tummy. The parents may find it difficult to come to a right diet for 2 years child and be tempted to feed the baby with anything that keep her tummy full and happy, but this must be avoided at all costs. The following section will give some important tips about creating a diet chart for a 2 year old baby.

Food for 2 year old baby is much more than just milk. As the baby grows, the demands of the body also rise and now a correct proportion of vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates are required to keep up with mental, physical as well as social development skills of the child. Parents must realize that their baby is now a toddler and a 2 year old baby food chart can be designed with the help of the baby’s pediatrician.

A sample diet chart for 2 year old boy is:

Early morning : the first meal of the day must be healthy and full of nutrients. A cup of milk with 2 soaked almonds, a stuffed paratha with yoghurt or 2 idlis with chutney are appealing options.

Breakfast : as the toddler takes his bath and gets ready to take on the day, give him a bowl of poha or upma, fruit custard, a small plain dosa or grilled sandwich to provide with the right nutrients.

Lunch : The baby food for 2-year old must contain a good amount of fresh vegetables, fruits and nuts. Thus, soups and salads are a must with lunch. With time, the child will develop taste for these. The diet chart for a 2 yr old baby is incomplete without the mention of Indian pulses, rajma, and grains like bajra in rotis. The lunch must have seasonal vegetables, a few tablespoons of dal, baked vegetables like carrot, peas or cauliflower or diced cucumber and carrots in salad. These are good food for 2 year old baby India.
Dinner: make sure to keep the baby food for 2 year old as interesting as possible. At night, you may serve the child with a small pizza or burger with vegetables like capsicum, cabbage, tomatoes and onions. Children also love stuffed paratha rolls with dips or ketchup. You can also go for paratha or roti with matar paneer or kofta curry.

Mid day snacks : the 2 years old baby food chart lists out fruits as an important part of the baby’s diet. Hence, serve the baby with a cup of mixed fruit, fruit smoothie or custard instead of opting for junk food like noodles, cookies or chips when the baby is hungry. The 2 years baby food chart will ensure that such fatty foods are cut off from the diet of the baby.

Toddlers are active and require a lot of nutrition to develop properly. A 2 years old baby food chart will definitely help the parents with meeting the nutritional challenges of their growing child.

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