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What diet you should have after the delivery?

Giving birth to a baby and taking round the clock care of her can be extremely exhausting. It takes time for the mother’s body to recuperate from the stress of delivery and labor. Diet after delivery must be as nutritious as possible as the mother is responsible for not only recovering from the huge changes that have occurred in her body in the past weeks but is also the sole source of food for her teeny little one. Food after delivery must be particularly rich in Iron and proteins to give your child all the essential nutrients which will serve as a foundation for a healthy body throughout her life. If the post delivery diet is devoid of sufficient nutrients, the mother will also feel exhausted and weak from the round the clock feeding of the baby and may soon develop health problems. Regardless of whether one is breastfeeding or not, it is crucial that diet after delivery for mothers is given paramount importance.

In the forthcoming section, we will provide an insight into how to create a diet chart after delivery to maintain a good health after delivery.

1.) Foods that must be included in the mother’s daily diet:
after delivery, it is all about keeping yourself energized while trying to lose all the pregnancy pounds gained during the 9 months. However, one must not immediately begin dieting or go on a rigid exercise schedule as it will only prove detrimental to the body. Instead, the diet after pregnancy must be such that it is not fattening and aids in weight loss while giving proper nutrition. Hence, some power-packed items that are a must in post pregnancy diet include lots of milk and milk products like yoghurt, cheese and cottage cheese to keep up the calcium and iron level. Also, include several sources of carbohydrates obtained from items like chapattis, parathas, khichdi, oats porridge and pulao. The after pregnancy diet must be high on proteins which can be gained from fish, meat, eggs, pulses and milk. Be sure to include at least two or more fruits like mango, black grapes, apples and dates in your everyday diet. Having mixed fruit custard and fruit juices as snacks and morning beverage may be a great idea to keep you energized while cutting down on the harmful caffeine at the same time.

Mothers must also drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water each day to avoid dehydration. Have frequent snacks but cut down on fried or fatty foods.

2.) Foods to stay away from:
many nursing mothers suffer from problems like indigestion or constipation. It is therefore advised to stay away from aerated drinks, friend snacks or spicy food items. Such items include sandwiches, cakes, burgers, pizzas and pakodas. All these items must be eaten as little as possible. Likewise is the case with sodas, colas, coffee, tea, tobacco, betel leaves and cigarettes which are a strict no-no in diet after normal delivery. A nursing mother should steer clear away from foods like jackfruit and onion in after delivery diet which may cause colic in babies.

3.) Post pregnancy diet India:
The after pregnancy diet must be light on tummy yet packed with nutrients. The Indian diet after delivery include healthy items like oats dalia, turmeric, saunth laddoos, items made from gud or jaggery and fennel seeds, mustard are good for the mother. Some other edible items which are extremely beneficial for mothers include ajwain seeds, pulses, black sesame seeds and fenugreek. Each of these has goodness which cleanses the digestive tract and tones the uterus to prevent after pregnancy problems and aids in faster recovery. They have been recommended by elders since ages. If one is wondering about what to eat after pregnancy Indian food, these food items will prove to be extremely beneficial.

The diet for mother after delivery of baby must be balanced and nutritious for health of mother and the newly born.

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