Saturday, 6 April 2013

Abortion procedure in India

Deciding to get an abortion is a taxing option for most women. This is the last resort that must be chosen only after considering all other options. In the process of abortion, the fetus is pushed from the uterus and the remains of placenta are removed. One may choose to have an abortion for a number of reasons, in case of an unplanned pregnancy, due to health concerns of the baby or the woman, or financial reasons. Abortion is considered a low risk process and a number of techniques are available. Out of the several safe abortion methods in India, some are inexpensive while some may be a little pricey for Indian women. Out of the numerous abortion methods in India, one can choose as per the conditions. Always consult a doctor to terminate a pregnancy. The natural methods of abortion in India have also been discussed here.
  • Abortion by pills: this is undoubtedly growing into one of the most popular options for terminating a pregnancy as it is safe, low cost and easy. In this abortion method in India, two pills are consumed. The first one is mifepristone, and the second one is misoprostal that is taken after two days of the first pill. This method is preferred sometimes as it is one of abortion methods in India at home, but has a number of side effects. It must only be used if the pregnancy duration is lesser than 49 days.

  • Natural abortion methods in India: a number of herbs have been found to naturally induce an abortion. So if a woman is well-prepared to have an abortion, one of the natural abortion methods can be resorted to. Begin by consuming pineapple, Vitamin C and parsley for 7 days or more in mild doses. Primrose oil, when applied on the cervix regularly can also help prepare for abortion. Remember, natural abortion of 1 month pregnancy will be relatively easy than abortion at later stages when a number of complications may be involved. Read More...


  1. Natural way of Abortion (100% safe) (200% guaranty) : Eat ripe Papaya 4 times (around 5kg) a day. Red tea 1 glass (water+tea+JAGGERY(gud in hindi)) drink 4 times a day. Do it for 5 days continuously. Stop it once when period starts.

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  3. HEY......!! I really thank you for sharing this useful blog on abortion. Most abortion in India is a mainly sex selective.