Saturday, 6 April 2013

Medical checkup for pregnant women

Regular medical checkups and tests ensure that the mother and the developing baby in the womb both stay healthy during pregnancy. Checkups during pregnancy ensure that the mother is receiving the right nutrients and the baby is developing normally so that any abnormal condition may be detected and treated well in time. Hence there are pregnancy checkups month by month for monitoring the health status. During such check up for pregnancy, other related issues like the type of physical activity that must be avoided, healthy eating and lifestyle and counseling about delivery and labor. In the forthcoming section, we will provide a detailed insight of the pregnancy check up and screening tests which have been recommended by healthcare specialists from all over the globe.

First prenatal care visit: many pregnant woman wonder, “At what stage should I go for pregnancy checkup?” truth to be told, one must visit the family doctor, or a recognized obstetrician as soon as they begin to try to have a baby. Otherwise, whenever it is confirmed that a woman is pregnant, she must schedule an appointment with the doctor. During the first pregnancy routine checkup, doctor asks questions about the medical history of both the partners, followed by a complete physical examination of the woman and tests like a blood test, cervical exam, breast exam and pelvic exam.  A Pap test and tests for certain genetic diseases are done. It is important to provide the doctor with genuine information about your lifestyle and habits. A blood checkup for pregnancy is important to screen for diseases like HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B, and sexually transmitted diseases. This is longest one of routine checkup during pregnancy, and the due date will also be calculated.

The first checkup for pregnant woman is also important as the doctor will recommend valuable lifestyle and diet changes that are important for delivering a healthy baby. Normally, one is recommended to begin with a healthy lifestyle before trying to get pregnant. If not, the doctor will track down the problem areas and provide you with suggestions and diet charts to be followed. The visit is the right time to discuss concerns about your routine and lifestyle with your health care provider. The pregnant woman will also be prescribed dose of prenatal vitamins like folic acid which must be consumed regularly. Read More...

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