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What to eat after delivery of baby

Giving birth to a child is inarguably the most pleasurable experience of a woman’s life. However, childbirth is not exactly a walk in the park. It is also the time the woman’s body experience a great deal of changes due to hormones and stress of labor and delivery. Recuperating from delivery requires a great deal of rest, proper nutrition and a number of precautions to be followed. Diet after pregnancy is very important as it is responsible for not only healing the mother but also providing nourishment to the baby. For many new couples, what to eat after pregnancy is a perplexing question. One can always take help from their caregiver who will guide you in this regard. The highlights of an Indian diet chart for lactating mother have been shown below:

What to eat after delivery in India?

An infant requires to be fed every two to three hours and this makes the Indian diet after pregnancy highly important. If the diet is lacking on important nutrients, the mother will soon feel exhausted and nauseated and the baby will also not develop at the normal rate. The food to eat after pregnancy Indian must be high on energy as it directly affects the quality of breast milk.
  • The breakfast is the first meal and must be high on nutrients. Begin your day with a glass of whole milk and dairy products like paneer, cheese and yoghurt. Poha, oat meal, sprouts, grilled vegetable and cheese sandwiches and fresh fruits must be consumed in breakfast according to healthy post pregnancy diet Indian.
  • The Indian diet for breastfeeding moms must be high on proteins. Good sources of protein include soybean, dairy products, pulses and lentils as well as beans. Consume non vegetarian products like eggs, fish, chicken and lean meat as well.
  • Another essential component of a mother’s diet is calcium and iron, which will be gained from fresh fruits and vegetables, and a variety of whole grains. Vitamin D is crucial for a lactating mother which can be gained from sunlight, and vitamin supplements prescribed by the doctor as well.
  • If one is confused about what to eat after giving birth, always make sure that your diet is rich on nutrients but low on fats. After delivery one has to focus on staying fit and eating right to remain healthy. Inclusion of starchy foods like breads, pasta and potatoes is equally important.
  • Vitamin C builds the body’s immune system and must be gained from oranges, lemons, gooseberry, steamed broccoli and tomatoes.
  • Diet during breastfeeding in India must aid in recovering from childbirth. Some such traditional food products include black sesame seeds which are high on micronutrients and regulate bowel movements, fenugreek which is a rich source of calcium and iron, ajwain that cures indigestion and soothes the uterus and Turmeric, widely used in Indian cooking which is anti-inflammatory and contains Vitamin C, potassium and manganese.
  • Like focusing on what to eat after delivery, what to drink is also important. One must consume a lot of fluids in the form of water, milk, herbal tea, fresh juices, coconut water and butter milk. This flushes out toxins from the body, prevents constipation and gas troubles and enhances milk production as well. Drinking 8 or more glasses of water each day is advisable.
  • After delivery, what to eat and what not to eat are equally important. As a responsible mother, one has to avoid smoking, drinking or binging on oily and fried foods. Tobacco, alcohol and aerated drinks must be kept away from the mother’s sight. One must not eat oily fish like tuna and sardines or swordfish more than once a week as they may prove harmful to the baby’s health.
  • After pregnancy what to eat and when to eat are correlated. Instead of having a heavy meal at once, break down the diet into smaller meals and half something light and nutritious every two to three hours to keep yourself energized all through  the day.
What to eat after delivery of baby in India? Hope the tips given above have helped all the new mothers. Taking help from your doctor in case of any query is always recommended.

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