Monday, 8 April 2013

Safe Abortion Methods procedure in India

Another one of natural abortion methods India is external use of the herb pennyroyal. One teaspoon of this essential oil can be consumed every 4 to 5 hours. Alternatively, pennyroyal capsules may also be used. Both the essential oil and capsules may be purchased from an herbalist. However, give a detailed description of your medical history to the herbalist as the herb might not suit you. One of the side effects of consuming pennyroyal is nausea.

Abortion in India is considered a big issue in the society and is preferred to be kept under wraps. Hence one of abortion natural methods may also be used to terminate an unplanned pregnancy safely. Angelica, Black cohosh and Dong Quai are some of the best herbs that can induce abortion by preparing the cervix and inducing contractions. These can be purchased from any standard herbalist who will prescribe the dosage as well.

There are several types of abortion in India, one of them being the D&C procedure. In this, the cervix is forcibly dilated by the doctor, causing premature delivery or death of the fetus. Thereafter, the uterus is cleaned to remove remnants of placenta. The method can cause damage to the mother and a through follow up is required after this procedure. This is one of the methods of abortion at 1 month which has side effects like vomiting, nausea and cramping.

For those wondering about how abortion is done in India must know that there are several other options as well. Menstrual aspiration is a technique wherein a doctor inserts a syringe into the uterus to dismember the pregnancy from the uterus lining. This procedure is also performed within a few weeks of a missed period. Read More...

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