Monday, 8 April 2013

Tips for an exciting baby shower India

An essential part of the baby shower ceremony is the godh bharai games during which playful teasing is a must. The games include guessing the baby’s gender for fun and making a list of the names for the future baby. Ladies indulge in a fair deal of dancing and singing of special traditional songs made for this ceremony. They may enact skits to tease the mother-to-be and her husband or present the future before them when the little baby enters their life. The festivities last for hours and are culminated by a feast for all the relatives and friends.

Tips for an exciting baby shower India:
  • Godh bharai is a time to enjoy the support and love of all the close friends and relatives. Make sure you take help from the elders in the family as well as your loved ones to make this ceremony a joyous event for all and also save yourself from unnecessary hectic schedules.
  • Take proper rest before the ceremony to enjoy these few special hours with ease. Dress yourself like a bride in a special saree, lehenga or salwar kameez but ensure that you are comfortable. Avoid very heavy clothing or jewellery that is suffocating.
  • Since the mother is showered with so many gifts, it may be a great idea to present small tokens of appreciation to all the women participating in the ceremony. Such godh bharai gift ideas include bangles, bindis, dupattas, perfumes or cosmetics. One may arrange for artists who apply henna to palms of all the ladies attending the ceremony. Read More...

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