Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Tips to a Happy During Pregnancy

Books to be read during pregnancy Indian can include story books in Hindi or in English. One can choose from classic tales or any of the modern story books. Stories like Winnie the Pooh and books from Enid Blyton will keep the mother entertained and are good for the baby too, hence these are books to be read during pregnancy. If you do not have a penchant for novels or story books, you can take up reading magazines which have good articles to read during pregnancy.

Shopping spree: shopping is guaranteed to cheer any woman up. So buy some new clothes for the baby, or for yourself which you would like to wear after the delivery. Even visiting the mall for doing some window shopping is sometimes a good idea.

Music: another important part of the garbha sanskar is listening to soothing music. The melodies will not only take away the stress from the mother’s mind but is also effective in soothing the baby. One can listen to classical music or one’s favorite singer, but it should not be deafening.

Create a scrapbook: do frequent photo sessions of yourself as the pregnancy advances. Also collect little accessories, articles and items for your baby and put them together to create a timeline of your pregnancy. As years pass by, you will treasure the memories created by the scrapbook and will be able to share it with your child too.

Have a romantic getaway: the woman and her spouse may have become bored by their clockwork schedules or tired by the restrictions imposed on the pregnant lady. Every once a while, it is important the couple has some alone time like a romantic candle lit dinner, a movie or simply a stroll in the park to reconnect with each other and whisper sweet nothings.

Meditate: the best way to wean away your stress and anxiety is to meditate regularly. Taking deep breaths in fresh air and practicing yoga postures in presence of a trainer will ease your body and mind and prepare the body for labor by toning muscles.

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