Friday, 3 May 2013

Astrology for New Born Baby

The parents of a newborn are really excited to know about the personality traits of their baby. It is exhilarating to know what their baby will be like when he/she grows up. It is believed that astrology provides accurate predictions of the baby’s personality based on the zodiac sign. New born baby astrology is popular for determining the sun sign of the newborn and providing newborn baby horoscope. Horoscope for newborn baby gives general predictions about the day, week or month to come while astrological predictions are also useful in knowing about the persona, behavior and inclinations of a newborn according to the sun sign.

Newborn baby astrology:

In the following section, we give a brief overview of newborn baby horoscope for all 12 zodiac signs. Horoscope for newborn child is an exciting way to know about our babies in a whole new dimension.
  • Aries baby (21st March-19th April): those born under the Aries sign are born leaders and confident in what they do. Your baby will have an active mind and body and will learn to do things like talking, reading and waking much earlier. Such babies are also affectionate, generous but moody. An Aries baby girl personality will be caring, loving but dynamic and active too. They have a creative vision and like to do things their own way, hence taking care of an Aries baby is sometimes tough.
  • Taurus baby (20th April-20th May): babies under this sign are quiet, peaceful and harmonious with their surroundings. They tend to double the affection received but are generally shy and may hide their feelings. Parents must encourage the child to indulge in art, literature and music which will help the child in expressing herself. Like the bull, a Taurus baby can be stubborn sometimes and constantly work to achieve their goal in life.
  • Gemini baby (21st may-20th June): Gemini babies grow to become the liveliest teenagers who are indulged in every activity and enjoy their life completely. They are talkative and fun-loving. A Gemini baby will dislike being restricted to a space, as they need plenty of room to explore their surroundings. They are imaginative, have a lot of friends and are inquisitive. A Gemini baby girl sports future is also bright, as Gemini’s are naturals when it comes to sports. Read More...

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