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Healthy Eating food tips for Indian Kids

Nutritious food for kids is the most important item in the parents’ agenda, as it is responsible for healthy mental and physical development of children. A balanced diet containing all the essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber is necessary for growth of body tissue, hence good food for kids must be given due importance. A kids food chart can be an important tool in this regard. Diet chart for kids lists out all nutrients in a balanced way, including fruits, green vegetables, breads, an assortment of pulses and nuts as well as sweet treats to provide your child with all the nutrition he needs. A specialist doctor can be consulted to create a diet chart for

kids in India that need special attention for development. Some guidelines to be followed to ensure nutrition food for kids are:

Number of calories required : the calorie intake for kids above 5 years of age rises due to indulging in greater physical and mental activities and cell development. Preschoolers must be encouraged to intake a variety of food items and must be restricted to take excess of fried or baked food products such as chips, pastries, candies and junk food. Diet chart for children in India must be balanced to account for the hectic schedule and pressure of studies.

Proteins required : it is absolutely essential to have high protein content in children’s food as it enhances muscle development and provides the necessary amino acids which are not found in other food groups. Protein rich foods include egg, fish, milk and milk products. A healthy diet chart for Indian kids will contain such foods including yoghurt, cheese and paneer.

Minerals and vitamins required: one crucial element of health food for kids is Calcium, which builds bone and teeth. The deficiency of iron and calcium in a child’s diet can affect the bones in growing body. A proper healthy diet chart for Indian kids includes items like milk, milk products like cottage cheese and yoghurt and green leafy vegetables like spinach and broccoli.

Food from other groups : healthy food for kids must contain a good portion of vegetables, fruits, cereals, milk group, meat as well as sweets and fats. Picky eaters often eat foods that provide them with only certain nutrients, eventually making them malnourished. Parents of such kids must nip this habit in the bud and encourage the child to eat as many varieties of food items as possible. The healthy diet chart for kids in India recommended by renowned pediatricians essentially contains carrots, spinach, brown bread, unpolished rice, whole milk, nuts and unskinned potatoes that contribute to a high calorie diet. To supplement the diet of the child, one can use several interesting snacks that are nutritious as well. Healthy Indian snacks for kids include poha, vegetable and cheese sandwiches, sprouted salads, fruit smoothies, idlis, upma and multigrain porridge with nuts.

Some tips :

1.) Avoid junk food items like cakes, chips, burgers, pizzas and aerated drinks which are low on nutrition and contain unnecessary fats. These slow the metabolic system making the child lazy, sluggish and prone to obesity and dental cavities. Switch to healthy food for kids which is high on calories and low on harmful fats.

2.) A healthy diet chart for Indian kids contains several energy foods as supplements, like banana shake, creamed soups and custards. Add vegetable toppings to pizzas and use veggies in making stuffed paratha rolls. Use delicious dips and salsa along with boiled vegetables and add sprouts and beans to bhelpuri and other snacks which will be loved by children and also be healthy food for kids.

3.) Instead of focusing on a few heavy meals, break the mealtimes into 5 or more small meals with small gaps. When the child is hungry after playing and demands for snacks, keep healthy munchies like soups and biscuits and nuts with toppings always ready.

4.) The most important part for healthy food for children is that they must never skip their breakfast.

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