Saturday, 20 April 2013

Children of working mothers

The society has drastically changed from what it was several decades back, and so has the outlook of people towards women. The time when a married woman devoted all her time for taking care of the family has long gone by, and women now manage the home front as well as work. The trend of working mothers has emerged quite rapidly, and is here to stay. The modern woman is considered fully capable of giving her child the right upbringing while supporting her family financially as well, being the biggest advantage of a working mother. People these days have different opinions about working mothers, while some believe that working mothers are better mothers, others believe that working mothers cannot take good care of their family. Here we are going to shed light on advantages and disadvantages of being a working mother:

Working mothers: Advantages and Disadvantages

A working woman is independent and is capable of supporting herself as well as her child on her own. In event of any unfortunate circumstances, a working woman is much better adept at taking care of her child than a housewife. This is the prime reason why some people claim that working mother are better mothers.

Another one of advantages of a working mother is they know how to harness their education and skills, and hence they can provide better education to their children. This is also possible because of more financial resources at the hands of a working couple, that they know what is best for their child and can enroll the child in numerous activities and classes that they find best for the development of their child.

People often wonder as to how a working mother manages the care of her children. This is because such mothers have a tight working schedule and learn to manage everything within the limited time frame. Read More...

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