Saturday, 20 April 2013

Working mothers: Advantages and Drawbacks

Advantages of working mother:
  • They have to manage all the household chores on time and are often assisted by their spouses in the same, which also makes the children see and learn qualities like time management, discipline and tidiness. In comparison to a housewife’s children, these children have to be more alert, independent, confident and co-operative which will help them in their future lives.
  • Working mothers tend to have a stronger bond with their children. They spend fewer hours with their kids and hence shower all their love and affection upon them, as opposed to non-working mothers who can sometimes take the children for granted, having them before their eyes all day long.  This is another one of advantages working mother.
  • There are numerous advantages and disadvantages of working mothers. As the mothers have a more intense interaction with the child, the child also reciprocates with a greater affection. However, there is a flip side to every situation, as we will see now.

of working mother:
  • Added to the list of working mothers advantages and disadvantages is the guilt of not being able to give your child the time he/she deserves. Many mothers have to leave their babies in child care centers which leave them feeling irritated and anxious about their well being.
  • The child may feel alone and fall in bad company in search for friendship and affection, being alone in their house for most of the time. The parents do not have time to attend the important school meetings, functions, outings or talk to the child about his problems, which may develop guilt, inferiority or he may end up having depression in worst cases. Such cases are what greatly bring down the advantages in working mom advantages and disadvantages race.
  • The stress of juggling job and home front is too much in some cases. The dual responsibility requires thorough planning and round the clock work which is a huge minus in the list of advantages and disadvantages of working mother. Read More...

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