Saturday, 20 April 2013

Diet chart for one year old baby

A one year old baby is growing at a great speed and requires a balanced diet containing all the nutrients. Although the main food for a baby is mother’s milk, yet now is the age when the food for 1 year baby must be modified to increase the calorie content and include numerous food items that are highly nutritious. To ensure that your kid grows healthy and remains fit, the diet chart for 1 year old baby must be balanced and contain a healthy mix of proteins, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. To make sure that the child’s diet is suited for his age, the parents can consult a doctor to create a diet plan for 1 year baby.

Food chart for 1 year old baby India: India is a land of varied culture and cuisines. Owing to the multitude of food items eaten in different parts of the country, the range of items that can comprise a healthy diet for 1 year old baby are numerous. However, one must keep certain things in mind while designing a diet chart for 1 year old:
  • Do not make a sudden change from mother’s milk to solid foods. Take a step at a time and introduce new food for 1 year old Indian baby gradually.
  • The baby’s mouth and wind pipe are all delicate at this tender age. Hence diet plan for one year old baby should not include items like popcorn or walnuts on which the child may choke.
  • If you introduce the child to healthy foods right from the beginning, he will develop a taste for such nutritious items which will prove beneficial in the long run. Hence, give the child fresh fruits and seasonal vegetables instead of junk food and aerated drinks, chocolates and candies. Read More...

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