Saturday, 20 April 2013

Food Chart for a one year baby

1.) Instead of mother’s milk, the diet plan for 1 year old baby must include whole milk which is rich in calcium and healthy fats.

2.) The baby’s stomach gets full easily, so food for 1 year old baby India should be broken down into 5 to 6 small meals fed a few hours apart.

3.) To keep the baby interested and ensure he does not become a picky eater, do experiment with food items and create something colorful and appealing every day.

An example diet chart for 1 year old baby boy is demonstrated below:
  • Start the day with a cup of whole milk, providing wholesome nutrition to the child.
  • For breakfast, mothers may consider serving the 1 year old with half a cup of Dalia, upma or poha. Otherwise, a small idli, half stuffed vegetable or paneer paratha are good options.
  • Brunch culture has gradually developed in every part of the world. For such mid- morning meals, the child can have a bowl of fruit chaat, a cup of juice or mix vegetable soup which is nourishing and delicious.
  • Lunch must be a wholesome meal providing all the essential nutrients. According to 1 year baby diet chart, the lunch must include half a cup of cooked pulses with rice or a small chapatti, half cup of biryani or pulao or some seasonal vegetables or a paneer based dish with chapatti or paratha.
  • In the evening, provide the child with a healthy glass of milk shake, fruit juice, fruit custard or a bowl of mixed seasonal fruits.
  • Dinner must be light for the baby’s tummy. Khichri, dosa, vegetable pizza and soybean parathas are some healthy and nutritious options.

The diet chart for 1 year old baby girl can also be designed in a similar manner. One can include many different food options but food chart for 1 year old baby India must be balanced and nourishing to ensure baby’s healthy development. Read More...

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