Friday, 3 May 2013

Baby Zodiac information and free Astrology

  • Cancer baby (21st June- 22nd July): the Cancer babies need to feel loved and protected often.  Hug the baby and soothe him to keep the mood upbeat. Most often, July baby personality is characterized by being independent, fascination by new objects, colors and places. However, they are irritable and moody sometimes and need love to reassure that everything is okay. Cancer babies are known for crying very frequently.
  • Leo baby (23rd July-22nd Aug): A Leo baby is adventurous, friendly and playful. They like to be the centre of attraction and love partying and indulging in physical activities. They have a warm nature and trust others easily; therefore they need support when they are wronged.
  • Virgo baby (23rd Aug- 22nd Sept): Virgo baby girl personality will come out to be of an ideal child, who is obedient, tidy and organized. Such children are often shy but open up gradually. They are likely to be active and help around the house. They are early readers, talkers and excellent mimics.
  • Libra baby (23rd Sept-22nd Oct): Libra babies are born beautiful. They are kind hearted children who like to play fair. A Libra child is expected to be thoughtful, disciplined, with keen interest in books and argues about his point of view amicably.
  • Scorpio baby (23rd Oct-21ST Nov): Scorpio babies have a reputation for being intelligent, with insatiable thirst of knowing everything, and are go-getters. As children, they are likely to keep their thoughts secret so parents must communicate with such children more frequently.
  • Sagittarius baby( 22nd Nov-22nd Dec): newborn horoscope for babies born under this sign states that they are happy and fun-loving kids who like to make friends but will be equally content paying alone. As a kid, they are going to pick up a lot more bruises and cuts than other children, being constantly agile and playing rough games. They are inquisitive and independent.
  • Capricorn baby (23rd Dec- 19th Jan): horoscope for baby boys born in January are mostly Capricorn which are self-contained babies. They like the company of those who are elder than them and have only a few close friends. These grow up to be strong willed and driven individuals with a passion for creating new things. These are usually not outdoorsy.
  • Aquarius baby (20th Jan-18th Feb): Aquarius babies are unpredictable, being sensitive at one instant and rebellious the other. They have a lot of ideas and have sharp minds. They look more confident than they actually are, so these children require care and support of parents. 
  • Pisces baby (19th Feb-20th March): these are the most imaginative and creative of all- the ones who believe in fairies, unicorns and Santa Claus. They will win everyone around them with their sweet smile and are sometimes over-attached to animals and peoples, rather than their toys. Read More...

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